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Tandoori Chicken

Category: Main Dish

Name Of Dish: Tandoori Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken 1 (about 750 gms)

Fresh Yoghurt 100 gms

Garlic Paste 1 tsp

Ginger Paste 2 tsp

Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp

Ghee (clarified butter) 2 tbsp

Salt as per your taste

Tandoori Paste 3 tsp

Coriander Seeds 1 tsp

Caraway Seeds tsp

Cinnamon Sticks 20 gms

Cloves 10 gms

Black Cardamoms 2 pieces

Mace powder 1 tsp

Lemon 1

Turmeric Powder 1 tsp

Recipe:   Remove the skin and cut the chicken into 8 pieces. Apply saltand Turmeric Powder and squeeze juice of lemon on the chicken piecesand keep it aside. Grind Coriander seeds, Cinnamon sticks, Mace powder,Black Cardamoms, Caraway seeds, cloves into a fine powder. In a bowlmix the blended spices, yoghurt, tandoori paste, salt, red chillypowder and whisk all the contents into fine paste. Apply the paste tothe chicken and marinate for minimum of 4 hours or overnight. Apply thebutter and roast it either on charcoal or in a oven. Garnish it withsome chat masala and server it with onion and lemon pieces or any Veg.Salad.

Note : Chicken must be maximum 750 gms, any chicken above 1kg meat isnot tender and differes in taste and roasting time.

Submitted By: Shielesh Damle

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