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North Indian Recipes
I hope you have a wonderful time preparing and then enjoying these dishes.

Do keep in mind,  that you don't have to follow the amounts of ingredients exactly. I have given them approximately, so you can vary them according to your tastes.

B  is for Bread

R  is for Rice

G  is for a Gravy dish

S is for a Side dish

Level 1 -- 40 minutes or less preparing and cooking time.

Level 2 -- 45 minutes to an hour to prepare and cook.

Level 3 -- Needs a lot of time, sometimes requires overnight preparation.

** -- These recipes don't need many Indian ingredients.
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Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Aloo Mutter**(G)

Daal (G)

Baigan Bhartha**(S)

Poori or Puree (B)

Okra Sabji (S)

Aloo Paratha(B)



Shahi Egg Curry **(G)

Egg Biryani **(R)

Vegetable Pulav **(R)

Hot Peppers(S)

Palak Paneer(G)

Dhudhi Koftha(G)




Chole or Chana(G)



Malai Koftha(G)

Navrathan Kurma(G)

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