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Gus - Guse Paisa

Ingredients:( To make - 3 to 4 glasses)

1. Poppy seeds (Khus or Gus-Guse) -- 1/2 cup

2. Grated coconut -- 1/2 cup

3. Rice -- 1 tbsp

4. Jaggery ( or Brown Sugar ) -- 1/2 cup ( or to suit taste)

5. Cardomon powder -- 1/4 th tsp


1. Fry poppy seeds and rice without oil (dry-fry) till rice becomes more whitish.

2. Soak in little water for half an hour.

3. Grind coconut , cardomon powder, poppy seeds and rice until fine.

4. Filter the liquid and keep the filtrate.

5.Now, heat jaggery with little water and filter off (not required if using brown sugar).

6. Mix the jaggery and poppyseed filtrate and allow it to boil. Finally add little milk to attain required consistency.