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North Indian Recipes South Indian Recipes
North Indian dishes are loved by one and all. They are easy to prepare and taste absolutely delicious. If you acquire a liking for South Indian food, your tastebuds are in for the treat of their lives !
Snacks And Appetizers Sweets and Desserts
This is where all the good food is. If you like fried stuff, you definitely want to visit this page. If you have a sweet tooth (who doesn't!), this is where you get  the recipes for Indian sweets.
Learn about Indian food. Check out the links.
Some basic information on the different Indian eating habits. Here is a list of all the good vegetarian stuff and also other Indian sites.
Submit Your Recipes ! Our thanks to you !
Here is a chance for you to share your favorite recipe with the world. Send us your recipe and we will publish it on our site.(At this time, we are unable to put your recipes on our website.) This is where I thank my guests and everyone else who helped me with this site. That includes you too !


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